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Supervision and coaching in a rapidly changing world
21-25 August 2017, Rotterdam

summeruniversities2017Call for SU2017 workshops is open!

We are currently planning the programme for the ANSE Summer University which is being held in Rotterdam between 21 and 25 August. The main theme of the conference week will be “Moving and being moved”. During this week, we will explore the implications of the tension between security and mobility for coaching and supervision at individual, team and organisational level.

Would you like to share your experience and knowledge and contribute to this unique international event? Send us your workshop proposal!

Please note that the main language of the workshops will be English. As is the case for most of the participants at the Summer University, English may not be your native language. The experience of a former German participant of a Summer University could help you overcome your hesitation:

“To communicate in English means searching for the right words and expressions in an elegant way, which creates big opportunities as a professional to surrender yourself”.

Some of the questions involved in the theme are:

  • How does mobility in the outside world relate to mobility inside yourself?
  • What attitude do we need to adopt to deal with cultural differences? What is the basis for a fruitful encounter with a stranger?
  • What kind of impact do complex global relationships and political tensions have on relationships between people in the street and in teams?
  • To what extent do social developments engender feelings of shame? What role does this shame play in counselling interactions between persons, work and organisation?
  • What are the parameters of your tolerance as a professional counsellor?
  • Have we reached an age in which thinking in terms of “we” is more important than thinking in terms of “I”? Is our way of counselling properly equipped to deal with this change?
  • How do we contribute to the culture of success and failure as professional counsellors?
  • What is the role of professional identity at a time when organisations are falling and professionals have to remain upright?
  • What does it mean to counsel individuals, teams or organisations into the field of the unknown in a management context which often has no place for uncertainty? And how do we manage the emotions which emerge in this phase of change?
  • How diverse is the landscape of supervision and coaching in Europe and what does that mean to us?

Guidelines for your application

Include information about your workshop:

  • Title
  • Duration (effective working time will be 1,5 hours)
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Goal
  • Learning outcome
  • Workshop content.
  • Short biography (max 150 words) and photo
  • Your experience in leading workshops
    (If available, you can add an URL link to a YouTube video)

Criteria for our workshop selection:

  • Link with the theme of the Summer University.
  • Preference for interactive and experiential workshops.
  • In selecting the workshops, we want to present a balanced collection of workshops at individual, team and organisational level, as well as in terms of theoretical and practical content.


  • Send your application or question to LVSC Association Manager Caroline Emmen: [email protected].
  • The deadline for applications is 8 January 2017.
  • All applicants will receive confirmation on whether their proposal has been accepted by 24 January 2017.
  • PS: workshop leaders are not expected to pay a registration fee for the Summer University!