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ANSE Privacy Policy

A number of places on our website ask for data that can be traced back to individuals, such as a telephone number, e-mail or postal address. ANSE aims to process and manage any personal data you leave behind during a visit to the ANSE website in such a way that your privacy is protected and safeguarded.

If you submit an information request or otherwise contact ANSE, ANSE records your data. The data you send in such cases is collected, stored and used to respond to your request.

ANSE retains your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the above mentioned purposes for which your personal data has been collected, stored or used.

Unless otherwise disclosed, all personal data provided to ANSE will not be disclosed by ANSE to third parties, unless required by law or required by the judicial authorities.

You have the right to inspect and correct your own personal data. By submitting a request via [email protected], we will send you the personal data we hold about you and you can view your own data and make corrections.

All personal data provided to ANSE will be treated confidentially. ANSE, and those who have access to personal data on behalf of ANSE are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of which they have knowledge, except to the extent that they are required by law or regulation to disclose.

ANSE uses various measures to ensure the security and integrity of your personal data. These include measures against unauthorised access, unauthorised use, unauthorised modification and unlawful and accidental destruction or accidental loss.