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Diversity Workshop

Grundtvig Diversity Module

The Grundtvig Diversity Module is a product of the Grundtvig Project “Counselling in a Multicultural Europe – A Key Competence within Life Long Learning”. The module “Dealing with Diversity & Multiculturality as a Supervisor“. aims to enhance awareness of dealing with diversity for supervisors and coaches. ANSE offers this workshop to all National Organizations, supervision training institutes, universities and other interested parties.

The Grundtvig Project was the first project of ANSE carried out from 2008 – 2010. The following ANSE member National Organizations took part in this project: Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Romania and The Netherlands.

Read more about content: Workshop description, possible timeframe

Read more about procedure: Rules of procedure to apply for and carry out the Grundtvig Diversity Module

Trainers: Trainers list

Read report on experience (3) of previous workshop “Dealing with Diversity & Interculturality as a Supervisor“ in Stavanger, 2015:

  • Report by Gerian Dijkhuizen, the Netherlands, Eva Nemes, Hungary

If you are interested in the Grundtvig Diversity Workshop or need information please contact IneseStankus-Visa: