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ecvisionLeonardo da Vinci development of Innovation project ECVision “A European System of Comparability and Validation of Supervisory Competences”
Webpage of ECVIsion project: http://www.anse.at/ecvision
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European Public Employment Services

employ-idEuropean Public Employment Services (PES) and its employees are facing fundamental challenges to the delivery of efficient and effective services and need to change their strategies to combat rising unemployment and demographic change. The matching paradigm, which requires that individuals are matched to the best fit jobs, no longer has universal credibility. In periods of high unemployment, when job vacancies are few, this practice paradigm is of limited value. Customers/clients are frustrated that it is increasingly difficult to get a job from their PES and PES practitioners feel disempowered, because it is harder to get their customers/clients into a job. PES practitioners need new paradigms for practice, which conceptualise labour market information differently, for example, by making use of ‘Big Data’ (e.g. through use of visualisation tools for local, regional and national labour market information).“ (See https://employid.eu/theory)

The project Employ ID supports practitioners of Public Employment Services (PES) within their work with clients. The organizations and its employees working in order to reflect and facilitate professional identity transformation processes as well as collaborate in wider communities. New approaches such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are helpful tools for the practitioners. One of the central aims is to develop new skills of peer-models of intervision, such as strengthening the role of peers through peer coaching. Within the project several tools were developed e.g. workshop material, online-course, and tools for PES.

ANSE is an associate partner network member. ANSE board members are regularly in contact with the project team and exchange know-how and experiences.

Please find more information under https://employid.eu/