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Germany2017-07-01Dr. Karin HerrmannNothing to be afraid ofTo communicate in English is not as simple as it looks. Vocabulary gaps, awkward wording, lack of elegance. There are great opportunities in daring anyway.PDF
Estonia2015-03-27VariousSupervision training toolkitThe toolkit combines the experiences of the partner institutions but also methods from other Baltic/Nordic cultures.
Thus, the new toolkit will help to improve the quality of supervisor training and enrich adults’ learning experience and
Switzerland2014-05-08Dr. Kurt GottfriedSupervision in psychiatriesThe main objective of this survey was to evaluate the experienced benefits and the ‘side effects’ of supervision inpsychiatric hospitals. Another aim of the study was to investigate expected benefits and risks in supervision sessions analyzing comments of staff members.Summary Book (Lehmans media) Link (Amazon)
Germany2013-05-23DGSvSocially responsible and close to civil societySocially responsible and close to civil society: research project on the social history of supervision has startedPDF
Germany2013-04-21Rolf Haubl, Heidi Möller, Christiane SchiersmannPosition: Research Group for Working and Living in Organisations 2011Research on consulting in the workplace: Risk Factors for Work Quality and Mental Health: Current findings and initial conclusions Issue 2/2012PDF
England The Netherlands2013-03-14Erik de HaanCalling all coaches React before April 1stReasons for research on the effects of coaching and supervision, and means and ways to take part in this research projectPDF
Germany2012-09-12Rolf Haubl, Heidi Möller, Christiane SchiersmannResearch group for working and living in organisations 2011Risk Factors for Work Quality and Mental Health: Current findings and initial conclusionsPDF
Germany2012-08-23Elisabeth RohrChallenging EmpathyExperiences as a Group Analytic Supervisor in a Post-Conflict SocietyPDF
Latvia2012-05-21Inese StankusProject ‘Professional Advocacy of Clients With Children’Project ‘Professional Advocacy of Clients With Children’PDF
Germany2012-03-26Helmut WillkeSupervision in the knowledge societyThe role of Professional Associations for Supervision as actors in civil societyPDF
Germany2012-02-07DGSvKölner Reihe Band 1 und Band 2Abstract of the “Kölner Reihe Band 1 und Band 2”Link
Germany2011-12-05DGSvThe end of an unexplainable differenceThe German Association for Supervision (registered association–DGSv e.V.) comments on the discussion about the terms Supervision and CoachingPDF
Euroguidance network2011-10-11Euroguidance networkProfessional Care for Guidance Practitioners – Who Cares for Those Who CareCross Border seminars of four neighbouring countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.PDF


Netherlands2011-02-09Sijtze de RoosFunctionality of SupervisionFunctional supervision in the education of psychosocial workersPDF
Netherlands2010-08-21Sijtze de RoosFunctionality of SupervisionFunctional supervision in the education of psychosocial workersPDF
Switzerland2010-08-21bsoBerufsethikProfessional Ethics bsoPDF
Switzerland2010-08-21bsoBeratungskodexConsulting Code of Conduct of the Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organisational ConsultancyPDF
Switzerland2010-08-21bsoBeratungsformateConsulting Formats bsoPDF
Germany2009-07-09Jörg FellermannThe Problem of ValuesThe Problem of Values – Special issue ANSE-Conference 2004PDF
Germany2009-07-09Louis van Kessel, Jörg FellermannSupervision and Coaching in a European PerspectiveSupervision and Coaching in a European Perspective – Proceedings of the ANSE-Conference 2000PDF