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The ANSE-Board is the executive body of ANSE which is elected by the GA for 4 years. The board consists of 6 to 7 members and work as a team to carry out the active business of ANSE. Every board member has her or his own portfolio of tasks and responsibilities.

The Board meets 4 or 5 times a year for 2 ½ days. Board meetings take place in different countries were meets the National Organization board from the country. From every board meeting there is a short report.

Current ANSE board, period 2018-2022


  • Name: Agnes Turner
  • Country of origin: Austria – ÖVS
  • Contact for: Austria, Russia
  • Portfolio: Research, Quality, ANSE-Journal, Sister-Organizations, Summer University


Secretary and Deputy-Treasurer:

  • Name: Márta Lévai
  • Country of origin: Hungary – MSZCT
  • Contact for: Hungary, Slovenia, Romania
  • Portfolio: Quality, Organization, Communication




  • Name: Andrea M. Geering
  • Country of origin: Switzerland – BSO
  • Contact for: Switzerland, Spain, Sweden
  • Portfolio: Finance, Diversity topic




  • Name: Inese Stankus-Visa
  • Country of origin: Latvia – LSA
  • Contact for: Latvia, Ireland, Ukraine, France
  • Portfolio: Quality, Organization, Membership of ANSE, National Organizations, Volunteering, Mentoring, Projects



  • Name: Piret Bristol
  • Country of origin: Estonia – ESCÜ
  • Contact for: Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lithuania, Finland
  • Portfolio: Education, International Intervision Groups, Communication, Membership of ANSE, National and Sister Organizations




  • Name: Miriam Ullrich
  • Country of origin: Germany – DGSv
  • Contact for: Germany, Croatia, Italy, Iceland
  • Portfolio: International Intervision Groups, Summer University, Volunteering,




  • Name: Reijer Jan van ’t Hul
  • Country of origin: the Netherlands – LVSC
  • Contact for: the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia
  • Portfolio: Communication, Social Media, ANSE-Journal, Summer University, Education



Heinrichsgasse 4/8
A 1010 Vienna
E-mail: office[at]anse.eu
Phone: 0043 676 70 555 10
Website: https://anse.eu