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ÖVS Austrian Association for Supervision




Office: Heinrichsgasse 4/2/8, A-1010 Wien
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Foundation 17 May 1994
The ÖVS was founded as an association of representatives coming from 25 different associations, professional groups and organisations which worked on further development of supervision.

Number of members 1200

Structure of the association

The ÖVS is a non-profit organisation with following bodies:

    • General assembly.
    • Central steering committee representing the enlarged board (board and chairmen of the committees).
    • Board.
    • Committees:
      • Profession-related conference.
      • Conference of trainers.
      • Admission committee.
      • Eurocommittee.
    • 9 regional groups (representing federal countries).

Concept of supervision

Supervision is an approach of counselling for employees and executive personnel and is related to work fields and oriented to specific tasks. Object of supervision are fields of interaction of those being supervised:

  • interactions with addressees of service (clients, students, etcetera);
  • interactions with colleagues and superiors;
  • discussion of requirements for the organisation and its social context.

Supervision takes place individually, in groups, in teams inside and outside of organisations.

Target groups of supervision

Supervision is oriented towards professional specialists in social work, pedagogy, adult education, medicine, psychology, spiritual welfare, judicial system, administration, media, economy, research and technology.

Training of supervisors

At the moment ÖVS certifies 18 training courses. Their representatives are organised in the conference of trainers and have committed themselves to present each curriculum of a new training course 3 months prior to its start.

Targets of the association

  • Assurance of quality of supervision by specifying its professional image, laying down standards for training and approval of training.
  • Promotion of regional co-operation and public relations.

Activities of the association

  • Service for members, employers, decision-makers
  • Yearly general assembly with passing of yearly activity program (general outline)
  • Yearly congress
  • Meeting of regional groups
  • Profession-related commitment to assurance of quality of supervision
  • Publication of series ‘Supervision’ and member information ‘News’.
  • A booklet ‘Supervision in Austria’ including a register with the supervisors certified by ÖVS is distributed to organisations.