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HDSOR (Hrvatsko drustvo za superviziju i organizacijski razvoj)



Croatian Association for Supervision and Organisational Development
Office: Ajdukovic Marina, Dep. of Social Work University of Zagreb, Nazorova 51, HR-10 000 Zagreb
Fon: +385 1 4895 803
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hdsor.hr
Foundation 1998
Number of members 50

Structure of the association

HDSOR in a non-profit organisation with following bodies:

  • General Assembly
  • Managerial Board
  • Supervisory Board
  • Chairman

Concept of supervision

Supervision is conceived as a form of counselling, as a reflection on professional work, expert inter-active exchange in the areas of education, health counselling, culture, politics, spiritual care, social work, leadership and management.

Target groups of supervision

Supervision is oriented towards professional specialists in education, rehabilitation, social work, medicine, psychology etc. In the future we will offer supervision also in profit-oriented fields (economy, research and technology).

Training of supervisors

At the moment the following training courses are offered:

  • A 3 years postgraduate study of supervision (specialisation)
  • A 4 years training curriculum
  • A 3 years training course for supervisors who have practised supervision for some time

Activities of the association

  • Collecting and distributing information on educational possibilities and activities in the area of supervision and organisational development
  • Organisation of educational programs in Croatia for current and future supervisors
  • Establishment of standards for education of supervisors in accordance with the European standards
  • Establishment and differentiation of job description in areas of supervision and supervisors
  • Support for further training of members

Standards for educational programs
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Statutes of HDSOR
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