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MSZCT – Association for Hungarian Supervisors and Supervisor-Coaches



Erzsebet Wiesner President [email protected]
Sarolta Kovacs Secretary [email protected]
Address: 1021 Budapest, Tárogató út 7. fszt. 1., Hungary
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.szupervizorok.hu



Foundation 1996
The 19 founding members represented the graduates of two supervisor training courses held in Hungary in 1993-1996. The main features of these trainings corresponded to German and Dutch standards.
Number of members 162
MSZCT full members must have a degree as supervisors. Supporting members can be students of supervision training courses or other professionals, companies. Supporting members cannot vote at the General Assembly, but can enjoy all the other benefits of membership.

Structure of the association

MSZCT is a non-profit organization with the following bodies:

  • General Assembly – main decision making body
  • Executive board (elected for 4 years):
    2 Vice presidents
    Board member
  • Committees:
    • Auditing of finances; 3 persons, elected for 6 years
    • Ethics;
    • Committee for further professional development and study.
  • Working groups are established for projects, to carry out specific tasks in a certain timeframe.
    All working group has a coordinator and one board member responsible to have contact with the group

Concept of supervision

In our concept of supervision we fully agree with the following concept described in ECVision Glossary:
“Supervision as a counselling profession focuses on the interaction of persons, professional tasks and organizations. Supervision provides ample space and time to reflect professional functioning in complex situations. Supervision primarily serves the development of individuals, teams and organizations.
It improves the professional lives of individuals and teams with regard to their roles in an institutional context. It also focuses on ensuring and developing the quality of communication among staff members and methods of cooperation in various working contexts.
Additionally, supervision offers support in different reflection and decision making processes and in challenging and demanding professional situations and conflicts. It supports clarification and the processing of tasks, functions and roles. It assists in the handling of processes of change, in finding innovative solutions for new challenges and measures to combat mobbing and burnout.”
In supervision learning always takes place by a process focusing on reflection and self reflection.
According to this concept, the supervisor is an expert for counselling the interaction of persons, professional tasks and organizations, but not necessarily a practitioner of a specific work field.

Target groups of supervision

Professionals who use human interactions in their work, working in any kind of working field (social field, education, health care, helping professions, for profit area, etc.)

Training of supervisors

Between 1993-2010 we acknowledged 4 different training programs for becoming a supervisor, based on the ANSE standards.
Recent years we have one training program to become a supervisor:
2 year university postgraduate training course (498 contact hours) based on ANSE standards, provided by Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church

Criteria for admission to the two year certified university training programme:

  • Graduation from university with degree in fields oriented to human or social sciences or advanced specialist college.
  • Professional practice of at least five years in one of the helping professions.
  • 40 sessions of supervision.
  • Working minimum 60 hours on self-knowledge

Targets of the association

According to the statutes of the association the main targets are:

  • The professionalizing and standardization of supervision in Hungary
  • Representation of interests related to the profession
  • Develop a professional community of supervisors and supervisor-coaches
  • Promotion of professional exchange
  • Providing a quality assurance system and further education possibilities for the members of the association
  • Contacts and exchange with related associations

Activities of the association

  • Annual General Assembly with passing the yearly activity plan
  • Organizing an annual supervision training conference for supervisors and coaches in Hungary
  • Organizing an annual conference on supervision for professionals on the different fields, like social field, education, etc., each year in different cities in the country
  • Every year providing at least 4 further training possibilities on supervision for our members, inviting experienced teachers and professionals from abroad and Hungary (as part of our Quality

Management System)

  • Offering and organizing voluntary supervision projects ( our last voluntary supervision project was for the helpers of the refugees)
  • We signed contracts with two big helping organization in Hungary providing voluntary supervision for them, and also working together in different projects
  • We launched a new series of books on supervision in 2016, called “The bookshelf of Supervisors”. The 1st issue was the Hungarian version of ECVision Glossary and Competence Framework.
  • We have developed good connections with the coaching associations and other professional organizations of the helping and consulting professions in Hungary
  • We are acknowledged and acting as a professional advisory body concerning supervision in bigger tenders and projects