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The Latvian Association of Supervisors (LAS)

Office: Gulbju str. 83/1, Jurmala LV-2011, Latvia
Fon: +371 29438435
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.supervizija.lv



The Latvian Association of Supervisors (LAS) was established on the 17th of February in 2006 by like-minded people – social workers who had started their supervisory practice. The aim was to promote the development of supervision among the specialists of helping professions, to unite all supervisors practicing in Latvia and to support the exchange of experience.

Number of members 68

Structure of the association

The LAS is a non-profit organisation with following bodies:

  • General assembly.
  • Board.
  • Committees:
  • Certification Committee
  • Ethics Committee

Concept of supervision

Supervision is a reflection about issues related to work and professional activity. The main outcome of supervision is improvement of professional effectiveness. Supervision may include dealing with different issues: awareness of professional borders, finding alternatives for behaviour in specific situations at work, building relationship with colleagues, subordinates, clients, cooperation in a team, developing working strategies, reducing the stress factors and burnout, as well as other issues occurring in everyday situations at work. Supervision supports individual, team or organization’s development.

Target groups of supervision

Supervision is oriented towards professional specialists in social work, psychotherapy, psychology, pedagogy, medicine, spiritual welfare, judicial system, administration and business.

Training of supervisors

There is a Professional Standard of Supervisor/ Consultant Oversee approved in 2013 in Latvia. The members of the LAS participated in the work group that developed the standard and submitted it for approval to the Ministry of Welfare. The Standard describes the competencies, knowledge and abilities necessary for obtaining the supervisor’s qualification. Educational establishments have to work out their study programs in accordance with the Standard. Three professional master study programs offer qualification in supervision in Latvia.
The members of the LAS have obtained their education in supervision in different training programs (further education or professional master), contexts (social work, pedagogy, business, psychotherapy etc.) and countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia etc.).

Targets of the association

  • To promote the development of supervision in Latvia;
  • To promote the implementation of standards for education and practice complying with ANSE (Association of National Organizations for Supervision in Europe – ANSE) in Latvia;
  • To unite the supervisors working in Latvia and to promote the exchange of professional experience.

Activities of the association

  • Service for members, employers, decision-makers
  • Yearly general assembly with passing of yearly activity program
  • Assurance of quality of supervision:
    • Development and organization of certification and recertification of Supervisors;
    • Development of ethical standards and process of evaluation;
  • Organization of experience exchange or training workshops for members;
  • Registration of peer-supervision groups;
  • Organization of yearly conference on supervision for members and broader public.