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LPSKA Lithuanian Association of Supervisors



Office: Jonavos g. 66-316Kaunas, LT 44191 Lithuania
Fon: +370 684 92391
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.supervizija.lt

Foundation established in 2003.
Number of members: 60 members

Structure of the association

LPSKA is non-profit organization.Structure:

  • General assembly
  • Board
  • Chairmen of the board

Concept of supervision

Supervision – is counseling of professionals, managers, teams and organizations who seek to improve their work and its efficiency. Mostly supervision is necessary when employers or employees face difficult situations at work, that they can’t solve. The supervisor helps to look at the situation from the side and to identify problems while those involved in the process learn how to solve them.
Supervision is counseling of work culture, professional reality, mental hygiene – for those who want to grow.

Target groups of supervision

Supervision is oriented towards professional specialists in social work, pedagogy, medicine, cultural, spiritual activities, administration, business, economics, politics, law and other.
Training of supervisors
There is no school for preparing supervisors. So far LPSKA initiated all trainings.

Targets of the association

  • Development of professional identity of supervisor;
  • Creating and taking care on performance of supervisors activity standards;
  • Supporting the members of the Association in quality enhancement of their supervision processes;
  • Representation of the supervision in associations of Europe and other foreign countries;
  • Cooperation with state, non-governmental and private organizations in seeking purposes of the Association.

Activities of the association

  • Initiation of supervision services and presenting it in work environment;
  • Organizing of events of association:
    2 yearly control supervisions for the members
    Yearly weekend gathering of supervisors
    Yearly general assembly
  • Initiation and support scientific researches of supervision
  • Promoting refreshment and development of the Association members professional expertise and skills