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Contacts: Gunn Brigitte Danielsen (President)
Phone: +47 97540338
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.nosco.no


The association is a non-profit organisation and was founded in December 2003. In 2006 NOSCO became a part of ANSE. NOSCO stands for Norwegian Organisation for Supervision and Co-Operation. 

Structure of the association

  • General Assembly
  • Board
  • Committees
    • Nomination committee
    • Quality expert group

Members and partners

  • Individual members: ca 80
  • Co-operation partners: 2 universities

Concept of supervision

Supervision is a formal, pedagogical, relational enabling process with the purpose to strengthen resources, enhance assertiveness and improve independence and coping through a dialogue based on knowledge and humanistic values. (Tveiten, 2006)

By formal meaning as part of job or integrated in work including defined frames as objectives, time and roles.

Target groups of supervision

The supervision can be organized in a group or individual setting, and is for individuals, groups and organisations which want to enhance and strengthen their coping competence in different fields.

Training of supervisors

Educational programs according to NOSCO standards are delivered by Universities, University Colleges and private training institutions. NOSCO operates with two different standards for their qualified supervisors.

  • Norwegian standard
  • European/ ANSE standard

All qualified supervisors have agreed to follow our ethical guidelines for good practice.

Every 3th year the supervisors need to re-qualify and document that they have fulfilled the lifelong learning requirements including further education, practicing supervision and receiving supervision on supervision.

Targets of the association

  • Contribute to high quality and ethical standards in practicing of Supervision in Norway
  • Stimulate our members to reflection and personal development
  • Stimulate our members to maintain and further develop their supervisor competence
  • Unite supervisors from different fields and traditions

Activities of the association

  • Service for members, stakeholders and educational institutions
  • National intervision groups
  • Educational network
  • Workshops, seminars and networking
  • Newsletter
  • Quality and development procedures
  • Certification