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Definition of supervision and coaching

  • Supervision and coaching is a form of counselling serving the assurance and development of the quality of communication and cooperation in professional contexts.
  • Supervisors and coaches work as freelance consultants and they implemented the concept of supervision as a stand-alone profession with standardised trainings, systems of quality assurance based on lively professional and scientific discussion and ethical codes all over Europe.
  • Supervision primarily serves the development of individuals and organisations. It improves the professional lives of individuals regarding their roles in institutional contexts.

Supervision offers:

  • Support in reflection and decision making processes concerning current professional issues
  • Support in challenging and demanding professional situations and conflicts
  • Clarification and processing of tasks, functions and roles
  • Support in and handling of processes of change
  • Innovative solutions for new challenges
  • Prophylactic measures to avoid mobbing and burnout

Coaching offers:

  • Counselling for people holding leading and management positions
  • Impulses concerning the fulfilment of leading roles
  • Development of personal performance
  • Support in processes of change and problematic situations
  • Support in personal career planning

Minimal standards for an educational program becoming a supervisor

Admission requirements

  1. Educational requirement: EQF6 or Bachelor degree or proven equivalent diploma in human or social science.
  2. A minimum of 4 years professional experience after graduation.
  3. A minimum of 60 academic hours* of continuing education.
  4. A minimum of 30 hours proven supervisee experience.

Requirements for the educational program

  1. Duration of the program: A minimum of 2 years.
  2. Contact hours: 300 academic hours* (point 3 and 4 not included).
  3. A minimum of 45 hours practice as a “Supervisor in Training”, both in individual as in group setting.
  4. A minimum of 35 hours Meta-Supervision (Supervision on Supervision/ Teaching Supervision) both in individual as in group setting.
  5. Thesis presentation (including integration of the theory of supervision into the supervisor’s practice).
  6. Final examination or colloquium (demonstrating supervisor competences regarding the own thesis).
  7. Certificate approved by the national association for supervision.

* An academic hour is 45 minutes.

Stated March 28, 2020