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ANSE has some activities that are set up during its existing and are traditionally carried out.

President Meeting / General Assembly

President Meetings serves as advisory body of ANSE. During this meeting we engage in a dialogue about different important ANSE topics. The main goal is to exchange ideas and support the development of ANSE in line with the development of the National Organisations, ANSE member organisations.

The General Assembly is the decision-making body of the ANSE. During this meeting there are made decisions, such as budget, membership requirements, the policy for the next years and etc.

Both meetings are connected to each other and take place every two years.

ANSE Summer Universities

ANSE Summer Universities are biannually organized by a National Organisation in cooperation with the ANSE Board. The main goal is to present and discuss a major topics with relevance to, or impact on supervision and coaching. There are lectures and workshops, reflecting groups and nice culture events. In the course of each ANSE Summer University, important ANSE activities are highlighted, such as International Intervision Groups (IIG’s). There is also an opportunity to present and exchange information in ANSE corner.
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International Intervision Groups

International Intervision Groups (IIG) are one of core activities within ANSE. They contribute and support achieving important ANSE goal: exchange of experiences between experts of counseling. It gives a wide space to experience and learn about cultural diversity. IIG strengthens European identity of supervisors and coaches. They are, of course, a means of quality improvement and quality assurance.

IIG meet twice a year (Friday – Sunday) over a period of 2 to 3 years in one of the member countries. The members of the group should be of at least three different national associations. All IIG coordinate their work in regular meetings.


ANSE offers Conferences in the context of research and education and continuously seeks for new and inspiring topics to discuss within the ANSE community. These conferences are organized in cooperation with National Organisations, Universities and European Projects.

The first Research conference on Supervision and Coaching “Inspire and be Inspired!” took place in 2015, Budapest, Hungary.

The first Education Conference “Teaching Supervision and Coaching” took place in 2018, Frankfurt, Germany.

In the future we are planning to combine the Research Conference and the Education Conference. It is planned for spring 2022.

Diversity Workshop

Diversity workshop is offered by ANSE to all National Organizations, supervision training institutes, universities and other interested parties as a chance to get knowledge and experience that has been obtained.
Grundtvig Diversity Module “Dealing with Diversity & Multiculturality as a Supervisor“ is a fully developed workshop that can be realized by professionals who took part in the project.

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ANSE is offering assistance respectively organizing projects in the field of supervision and coaching dealing with research, teaching and supervision and coaching practice as well as to publication of scientific work.

ANSE took part in projects like: “Dealing with Diversity”, “ECVision” and “Employ ID”

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