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ANSE Journal Volume 5 – 2021 – Issue 2

ANSE Journal Volume 5 – 2021 – Issue 2

We proudly present the newest Issue of ANSE Journal – Diversity and Plural Identities.

Sijtze de Roos starts his editorial with: Diversity is not a local hype, a fancy upper middle class pre-occupation or a passing fad, it is part of the human condition. Not only is it a matter of class, age, sex, gender or ethnicity, but just as well of history, lifestyle, religion, education and of political and moral convictions, traditions and value systems. And not to forget of the impact of geography, climate and the accessibility of water and food. All these factors shape our diverse social, economic and political arrangements, our family and kinship structures and our individual sense of self. All these factors permeate every aspect and every minute of our daily life. It could be said that nothing is more communal than the ever so highly revered ‘personal identity’ of the individual.

The topic of this issue of ANSE Journal is “Diversity and Plural Identities”. It has significance for our trade. Supervision and coaching are narrative in nature. All personal narratives reflect individually differing social experiences. What our clients bring forward will inevitably touch on the incidence of injustice, inequality, discrimination and of the wilful or unthinking exclusion of – to name but a few examples – psychiatric patients, refugees or ‘strangers’. What we as professionals are challenged to do, and which different means and methods we could employ, is discussed under the heading ‘diversity and plural identities’.

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