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ANSE Journal Volume 7 -2023 – Issue 2 is available

ANSE Journal Volume 7 -2023 – Issue 2 is available

We are delighted to announce the new ANSE Journal with the title With words and beyond – values and identity in an incomprehensible world. From today on, ANSE Journal Volume 7 – 2023 – Issue 2 can be downloaded for free.

This time it is filled with 14 articles, columns and impressions of workshops and keynotes during the Summer University in Budapest last summer.

In the midst of our ever-evolving world, characterized by perpetual change and chaotic conditions, the recent ANSE Summer University in Budapest was a resounding success. Organized by the European Association for Supervision and Coaching (ANSE), this event marked its 20th anniversary, and it was hosted by the Hungarian Association of Supervisors and Supervisor-Coaches (MSZCT), in collaboration with Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church (KRE).

With 150 participants from 18 different countries, the 10th ANSE Summer University in 2023 was a truly international gathering. The event featured four keynotes, 25 workshops, a festive Welcome Party showcasing Hungarian folklore dance and singing, and a memorable farewell party held on a boat on the Danube. Due to the rich programme and the density of contributions, we have decided to make 2 issues for the Summer University this time. Initially, the first part of the contributions will be printed in this issue and further contributions from the Summer University will be published in early summer 2024. In this way, we want to give as many contributors as possible the opportunity to publish their contributions.

Download your free copy at: www.professioneelbegeleiden.nl/anse