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Moved by Summer University 2017

ANSE Summer University in cooperation with LVSC “Moving and being moved” in Rotterdam August 21-25 was inspiring and moving event. It was great to meet more than 130 colleagues from 18 different countries, to listen to the deep thoughts of the keynote speakers Jitske Kramer, Adrienne Goehler, Hubert Hermans and Kaupo Saue, to face the…

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ANSE Summer University ‘Moving & being moved’ fully booked, starts on Monday, August 21!

With more than 130 participants from 18 European countries, the ANSE Summer University is fully booked! The 4 keynotespeakers and 26 workshopleaders are getting prepared. From 21-25 August we will gather in Rotterdam and share that what moves us in our daily work as Counselor of Professionals. It will be an extra special Summer University…

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ANSE board meets in Tallinn

ANSE board was invited to Tallinn by the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association (ESCA) to participate in the celebration of their 20th Birthday. It was the first time for the board to visit ESCA. The board combined celebration event with their regular meeting BM78 and worked on several topics, like ANSE logo use, preparations for…

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Inspiration for Summer University

“Nothing to be afraid of. To communicate in English is not as simple as it looks. Vocabulary gaps, awkward wording, lack of elegance. There are great opportunities in daring anyway” article by Dr. Karin Herrmann, Stuttgart (Germany). “So, how was it? Were you able to cope with it, or have your concerns been reasonable?“, a…

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Join the ANSE Summer University in Rotterdam!

With already more than 110 participants from all over Europe, the ANSE Summer University (21-25 August) is going to be a unique event for Coaches, Supervisors, Trainers and Counselors. This year the theme is “Moving and being moved”. During this conference week we explore the implications of the tension between security and mobility for counselling…

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Registration is open for ANSE Summer University!

Registration is now open for the ANSE Summer University! ANSE Summer University is going to be held from 21-25 August 2017 in Rotterdam. This year the theme is “Moving and being moved”- Coaching and Supervision in a rapidly changing world. During this week we explore the implications of the tension between security and mobility for…

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