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Open letter to our colleagues in Ukraine

Open letter to our colleagues in Ukraine

Last Friday ANSE Board send out the open letter underneath to our members to support our colleagues in Ukraine.

Dear colleagues from Ukraine, 

The world has not been the same since yesterday and we are all shocked by the attack and the developments in your country. With these words, we would like to expressly signal to you that our thoughts are with you and that we send all the strength in the world to you at this terrible time – we feel with you! And we wonder how we can  remain calm and courageous in such challenging times like these when we all feel threatened?

In such times we cannot remain silent, we are all called upon to raise our voices against injustice and to fight for security and peace. Therefore, please know that the ANSE community is an important and hopefully safe haven for your concerns, thoughts and wishes. In this respect, we want to support and be there for you. If you need any support or help, please let us know and we will do our best to support you.

 With warm regards,

ANSE board