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2018 Education Conference “Teaching Supervision and Coaching”, Frankfurt, Germany , ANSE_Conference_2018

2015 Final Conference “Recognizing Competences” ECVision: Comparability and Validation of Supervisory and Coaching Competences” of ECVision project, Vienna, Austria , Program

2015 1st ANSE Research Conference on Supervision and Coaching “Inspire and be Inspired!”, Budapest, Hungary , Program, Presentations

2014 Conference “Getting involved”, first ECVision Product, the Glossary for Supervision and Coaching in Europe, was presented, Brussels, Belgium., Program

2012 ANSE and DGSv Conference “Crossroads in Europe” Berlin, Germany Program

2010 Final Conference of GRUNDTVIG Project The challenges of diversity – Final conference of the learning partnership – „Counselling in a Multicultural Europe” Vienna, Austria Invitation , Pictures

2008 ANSE Conference “Counseling in a Multicultural Europe. A Key Competence within Life Long Learning?” Timisoara, Romania
Pres. A.Tippe, Pres. V. Bruchhagen, Romanian Sup., Program

2007 10 Years Anniversary “Intercultural Experiences In Consulting” Vienna, Austria Program

2006 ANSE Congress “Supervision – professional Counseling” Kaunas, Lithuania

2006 ANSE Congress “Supervision – Prerequisite of quality assurance work with children, youth and families” Opatija, Croatia Information

2004 ANSE Conference “Problems of Values – a Challenge for Praxis and Theory in Supervision and Coaching” Leiden, Netherlands
Article, Program, Biography, Bauman EN, Bauman DE, Heintel EN, Heintel DE

2004 ANSE Conference “Challenges of Supervision in South-East Europe” Opatija, Croatia Abstracts, Information

2001 International Intervision Groups

2000 ANSE Conference “Supervision and Coaching in Europe” Munich, Germany Perspectives DE