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ANSE Journal

In October 2017 the first edition of ANSE Journal has been published in cooperation with Kloosterhof Publishers in the Netherlands.

The journal offers a platform to specific topics to boost and enhance the theory – practice dialogue. With the active involvement of our members, the National Organizations (NO’s), ANSE can offer a professional web publication on supervision/coaching topics, which will help us all to promote our trade on the European level, and to make apparent the expertise with which it is carried out. The langue of the journal will be English. Everyone who wants to contribute to the ANSE-journal, can contact the national editor, or send an email to journal[at]anse.eu .

The journal is purely an online journal. During the General Assembly in 2018 the decision has been made that each year two issues will be published and it is paid for by ANSE-budget. Every edition can be downloaded for free.

You can download your free copy here