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Remarks and input by participants

Remarks and input by participants

Remarks and input by participants from ECVision Conference “Recognizing Competences”
ECVision: Comparability and Validation of Supervisory and Coaching Competences in Vienna, September 24-25, 2015

Remarks and input by participants.

1)Thematic Focus Group ‘Using the Competence Framework on Policy Level (Moderation: Wolfgang Knopf & Gerard Musger)
  • The discussion centred around the ANSE Policy Plan – especially the sequence of the ECVision Framework of Competences (CF) >quality management and qualitydevelopment > mutual recognition > introduction of the ‘professional card’ (PC)
  • Much energy was spent on the explanation of the concept of the professional card, andwhat is necessary to develop it.
  • ANSE is strongly advised to make very sure all stakeholders and all national organisations (NO’s) understand what the PC exactly is. The same goes for Mutual Recognition (MR).
  • Back to the first step: ECVision CF. Please present NO’s (and other stakeholders) witha clear road map, in which all these elements are put in perspective. Start with theintroduction and dissemination of CF. We need (a) clear steps and (b) motivatingelements (the so called ‘carrots)

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