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Talent Talks #2

Talent Talks #2

On Friday May 21, 2021, 14.00-16.00 CET, Gunn Brigitte Danielsen will host the ANSE Talent Talk: “Creative Media in Online Supervision”.

One of the main tasks in supervision is to help people, teams and organisations to make the invisible, visible, so that they can start a process of reducing the gap from where they are towards where they want to be. In this work I have found it important to have more than words to offer. By using creative media, such as pictures, drawings, animals, chairs and bodily expressions, the supervisee gets easier access to various perspectives, sees new opportunities and helps them express moods and feelings, which are hard to describe with words. It is also very helpful when we try to create a common understanding of the situation and the wanted future. The objective of this workshop is to inspire you to try out, or use more creative medias in your supervision. We will be learning by doing, working in pairs, smaller groups and the large group.

Gunn Brigitte Danielsen has been working as a supervisor for more than 15 years, and works in both private and public sector. In addition to being a supervisor, she is also a trained drama teacher and a professional storyteller. She is a trainer and a lecturer at the University of Stavanger, on the master program of change management and the bachelor program for Social work.

Gunn Brigitte is the president of the Norwegian Organisation for Supervision and Co-Operation (NOSCO)

Registration: http://ow.ly/3BDN50EgEAb