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Talent Talks #4

Talent Talks #4

On Friday September 17, 2021, 14.00-16.00 CET, Marlies Jellema will host Talent Talk #4: Positive Psychology in Supervision and Coaching.

In this talk Marlies  will tell you about  Positive Psychology, how you can use it in your sessions as a supervisor or coach. Positive Psychology is about professional well being and how you can learn from your successes and how learning from succes creates professional awareness. You will be informed, but you will also practice with it in breakout sessions.

Marlies Jellema (1975) is a Teacher, Psychomotor Therapist, and Supervisor. After a career in youth care, she started working at the university of Applied Science Windesheim in Zwolle. She teaches art based classes, methodology, interviewing techniques, and Psychomotor therapy. She did research in outdoor therapy and creativity and art based learning in social work. She published articles about outdoor therapy programs, supervision and she co-authored the book “Muzisch Agogische Methodiek” (2016) about art based methodology in Social Work. At the university of Applied Science Windesheim she teaches an open course in Positive Psychology several times each year.

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