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Talent Talks #7

Talent Talks #7

On March 16 from 16.00 – 18.00 CET we organise our seventh ANSE Talent Talk with the title “Could We Call it Supervision Revolution – Case Study in Bosnia”, hosted by Andrea Puhalic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is a small country with the smallest possible community of educated and active supervisors in psychosocial work – just 15 of them. In the last decade we have tried to be more visible, to represent supervision and talk about its benefits, to explain that supervision practice in psychosocial work can be carried out only by educated supervisors. There have been just tiny steps, that did not make any change.
But since last year we have experienced an avalanche of interest and requests for supervision from professionals, local governments, and the universities. It is just a beginning, but we like to call it our small supervision revolution. Maybe our experience can share some light about the processes of supervision development in transitional societies.

In the first part of the Talent Talk we will show a documentary about the rapid development of supervision in B&H in the last 6 months. Afterwards, we will have discussions in small groups about needs and strategies for possible development of supervision practice in different contexts.

Andrea Puhalić is associate professor at University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Political Sciences and supervisor. As a visiting lecturer, she was giving lectures and presentations to the students at many different courses of undergraduate and postgraduate studies of social work. From June 2014 she held the position of president of Association of Supervisors in B&H. She teaches, writes and does research about supervision, as well as she tries to find different ways to support the development of supervision practice in B&H. She is one of the leaders of the project “Implementation of supervision in social welfare system in Republic of Srpska – through the development of supervision education and practice”, and leader of the new program of „Education for supervisors in psychosocial work” in the Faculty of Political Sciences in Banja Luka.

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