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Tips and Links for online supervision and coaching in a safe and professional way

Tips and Links for online supervision and coaching in a safe and professional way

As we all feel the effects of the Corona crisis in many different ways. Many of us have to restructure their working format. For example, the ANSE board had an online board meeting instead of a meeting in Sweden. We can imagine that some of you have questions how to deal with online meetings in supervision and coaching. Therefore we collected some information for you.

Many of our members switch over on contact through chat, phone or video calling. These platforms can be very effective and supportive. What should you focus on when you start working online? ANSE doesn’t provide specific rules or guidelines for online working, but we collected information from the websites of our members (associations). Of course, most of it is written in the native language of the association, but if you want to inform yourself, Google translate can help to find out what has been written.

Inform yourself

Use the information we provide. Online coaching is different in several areas. Educate yourself if needed. DGSv, ÖVS, LVSC, and BSO shared tips for online supervision and coaching. There is also a Corona Home Office Guide in German, and a Swiss article about Digital Coaching. This Wikipedia-page in German contains also a lot of helpful information


Be aware that not all digital possibilities are privacy-proof. LVSC, ÖVS shared some pages about privacy and online working.

Please share your experiences

If you have good practice examples, please share them on our social media platforms. ANSE will share them in all social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We already started topics on this.

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail.