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Toolboxes belonging to the Yucelmethod arrived in Ukraine

Toolboxes belonging to the Yucelmethod arrived in Ukraine

It worked! Thanks to you! Saturday 17 September, the 36 suitcases or ‘toolboxes’ belonging to the Yucelmethod, were sent on their way to Ukraine.

Gerian and Frans picked up the suitcases one day before, at Yucel’s company in Baarn. Hidde a driver of the Ukraine Express Foundation, then took the suitcases from Baarn to Groningen. In the early next morning, the drivers Annemijn and Salim, together with translator Alexander headed for Poland. They delivered the toolboxes the next morning in Lublin. Finally, the suitcases were brought to Lviv on Tuesday 20 September. Hereafter, the boxes will be distributed among the superisors in Ukraïne, who will participate in the training.


From October 2022, our 39 colleagues in Ukraine, including the interpreters, will take part in the training of the Yucelmethod, in which they can start working with the toolboxes immediately. The Yucel method literally visualizes burdens and resources, focusing on recovery and self-control. Our Ukrainian colleagues see many opportunities, especially for compatriots, who have a hard time finding words for their experiences. We hope that our colleagues feel encouraged by participating in the training.

Our gratitude goes out to Yucel, for both donating numerous toolboxes and giving the training free of charge. Therefore, we are able to offer three (smaller) toolboxes to the colleagues who will be interpreting in the training groups.

Furthermore, we want to thank the Ukraine Express for delivering the suitcases. This foundation has been completely managed by volunteering students from Groningen, since the start of the war in Ukraine. With the money they raise, they can offer groceries and medicine and cover the costs of the transport. Additionally, they bring back refugees to the Netherlands.

Thanks also to the ANSE and the LVSC for their support. In particular, Anique Laanstra of the LVSC agency. She informed the LVSC members on a weekly basis about our crowdfunding.

Last but not least, we want to thank you for donating so generously and encouraging us. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

This is how we have come to the end of the five-week crowdfunding campaign. We are very proud of the end result. It was a fantastic, intensive period in which beautiful things happened: spontaneous unexpected gifts and moving reactions from colleagues and friends.

We are now going to monitor whether all packages arrive safely and whether the training sessions are going as desired. In addition, we will also continue ‘as usual’ with our online supervision groups for Ukrainian colleagues.

Thanks again and see you soon!

Adrianne van Doorn, Gerian Dijkhuizen, Frans van Son & Ria Schlepers