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ANSE Newsletter No 4, March 2020

ANSE Newsletter No 4, March 2020

Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down and we are all in an exceptional situation. We’re all in the same boat, so to speak, and we don’t know when we’ll be in a safe haven again. So, we are all asked to be patient and persistent.

Well, the crisis is not only an immense challenge personally, but also for the entire supervision and coaching business. On the one hand, as consultants, we are challenged to take our clients’ fears about the future and to accompany them through difficult times. At the same time, ourselves have an increased need for support and we are probably more vulnerable than before. Therefore, economical support but also intervision groups are perhaps even more important than ever. Many of us have already restructured their working format for Supervision and Coaching and turned digital. We can imagine that some of you have questions how to deal with online meetings in supervision and coaching. In our newsletter we want to offer tips and links for the success of digital meetings.

Furthermore, we want to look into the future and inform you about planned events in autumn 2020.

We wish you all a lot of strength for the next time and stay healthy.

Your ANSE board

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