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Talent Talks #6

Talent Talks #6

Our series continue and our journey through Europe gets longer and longer. We are very proud to announce our next ANSE Talent Talk #6 with the title: Rich Stories – Thin Stories, Narrative way of thinking in supervision, hosted by Riitta Malkamäki on Wednesday January 26 at 16.00 CET.

Riitta Malkamäki is the chairwoman of ANSE network partner STOry from Finland. She is Psychotherapist (VET), trainer, solution oriented, narrative and NLP approach, supervisor, mediator and leadership coach. Soon we will give more information about the content of the Talent Talk and about Riitta on our social media platforms.

Registration has started and will be open until January 25, 18.00 CET: https://forms.gle/oX67uk1CHoS9V99k6