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Moving Summer University to August 2022

Dear everyone, as you probably have guessed from the Covid context in Europe, the organising committee has decided to move this year’s ANSE Summer University in Riga, Latvia to August 22-26, 2022. The theme of ANSE Summer University 2022 will still be the same: Power Dynamics and Human Empowerment in an environment of elevated uncertainty….

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ANSE Talent Talks #1

ANSE Talent Talks #1  “(Self)-coaching questions for our time” will be hosted by Kaupo Saue. Tuesday April 27, 14.00- 15.30 CET In this practical and experiential workshop you will learn to understand our time from a Buddhist perspective. You will learn a handful of questions and tools to lessen suffering and develop mental health in…

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ANSE Talent Talks

ANSE is starting something new. Because of the lockdowns all over Europe, we have become used to working online. Although most of us are tired of sitting behind the screen, it also brings up some benefits. Online working and communication have made Europe smaller than before. We do our board meetings online, we had an…

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Online Information Session International Intervision Groups

Dear all who are interested and plan to join an ANSE International Intervision Group (IIG), we invite you to join our IIG Zoom Session on March 27, 2021 at 9.00 – 10.30 a.m. CET IIG’s are an important part of the activities of the ANSE community. Supervisors from different European countries work together in the IIG’s….

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Free Online Workshop about Online-Constellations

On Monday March 22, 2021, from 16.00 – 19.00 CET Georg Breiner will host an ANSE-only, English spoken introduction-workshop about online-constellation-board.com via Zoom. The zoom link will be provided after registration for this free workshop. In this three hour meetUp we will address questions like: How does online-constellation work? What is needed to make this fruitful for…

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40th anniversary conference LVSC postponed

Due to the expected circumstances and measurements concerning Covid19, the LVSC has decided to postpone their 40th Anniversary Conference in April to September 23, 2021. Registered persons have been contacted by the organisation to sign up again for the new date. All others who are interested are invited to register at www.lvsccongres.nl . There will be two…

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List of Lecturers, Keynote Speakers and Workshop Leaders

We are working on a list of Lecturers, Keynote Speakers and Workshop Leaders. Anyone from our community who likes to provide a training, workshop, webinar or a lecture abroad, can subscribe to this list and add a maximum of three specialisms. The list will be provided on request to our members (National Organisations). If a…

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Seasonal Greetings

ANSE board wishes you all a holly jolly Christmas and a happy New Year. Click on the item to see our Seasonal Greetings.

Call for Workshops Summer University 2021

Call for workshops is open for ANSE Summer University 2021,  August 16-20, Riga, Latvia. We are pleased to invite you to share your professional experience through leading a workshop, which should be strongly connected to the central theme of this Summer University: “Power Dynamics and Human Empowerment in an environment of elevated uncertainty”. During our venue we will…

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ANSE journal Vol 4 – 2020 – Issue 2 about Supervision and Ethics is available

ANSE journal Vol 4 – 2020 – Issue 2 about Supervision and Ethics is out! Sijtze de Roos, our chief editor wrote: Trust, it would appear, is no longer self-evident. In the past, so they say, people ‘knew their place’ and more or less blindly trusted and followed the leaders of their particular social group,…

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