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Support our colleagues in Ukraine

Support our colleagues in Ukraine

At this moment it is important to support the NGO of one of our colleagues in Ukraine and you can do so by donating money to the donation account of our colleagues at the ÖVS in Austria. They are in constant contact with a Ukrainian colleague who is trying to organise relief supplies through her NGO.

Donate to:

  • ÖVS donation account Ukraine
  • IBAN: AT17 3200 0010 0276 0460

Every contribution counts!

We know that national organisations have already taken initiatives. Please share this information among your members and networks!

ANSE stands for Peace! As supervisors we strive for solutions that meet the different needs enough and create win-win-situations whenever possible. We cannot imagine that war on whatever level will be helpful, but instead will create great suffering. We feel with the ones that suffer and want to do our best to support them. We send strength to all our colleagues and people in Ukraine.

We Stand With Ukraine!